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Kazam Kpop Apparel was created January 2011. Inspired by the love for kpop music Crystal and Gina decided to create their own merch. We sell shirts, jackets, hoodies, buttons, panties, etc. All inquires please contact us at kazamapparel@gmail.com Also check us out today at KAZAM Main Blog Affiliated with The Kpop Directory and

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Inspirit Shirts on Sale! Get one today!

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Sorry for the hold up.

And the winner is…………………………………


Please message me with your info. to kazamapparel@gmail.com

Thank you.

Giveaway ends Tomorrow! Be Sure to Reblog! Good Luck to All. :)

Donghae A-Cha Buttons going on sale now!

Donghae A-Cha Buttons going on sale now!

Enter for a chance to win a B2ST k-pop bracelet.

1. Reblog this post (as many times as you like)

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Kazam Apparel


3. Help Support Houston K-pop Fest and ‘like’ their page Houston K-pop Fest

I will declare a winner on January 3rd. Good Luck!

CNBlue V-Neck shirt on sale now!

CNBlue V-Neck shirt on sale now!

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Tumblr can’t be shut down. It just can’t. This isn’t just a social blogging site. This is where people have made friends, found their soul mates, stopped people from killing themselves, raised awareness for certain diseases and disorders, discovered that we are not alone in certain aspects and learned that there are people who have the same interests as us outside of school or anywhere else. We express our real personalities on here. We are not the fake ones. Tumblr is a place for artists of all types, photographers, fashion lovers, multiple fandom supporters, and so much more. We are Tumblr. We are all connected in some way. We are one. We’re not just some social blogging site.



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